Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Christina Radisauskas - Board Nominee

Christina Radisauskas is a librarian at Aquinas College, where she is also the chair of the faculty Sustainability Committee.

Since she heard about it in the summer of 2007, she's volunteered her time at the Co-Op in several capacities: Chair and member of the public relations and membership committees, volunteer supervisor on pick-up and drop-off nights, and Co-Op brochure/information pusher at many community events.

She likes to make pies when fruit is in season, has a cat named Obo, and has a super sweet bicycle that you might see her riding around town as soon as the snow is gone.


Susan said...

Vote for Radisauskas!

Susan said...

The best thing I can say about Christina is that she has integrity. She also enthusiastically takes on responsibilities she's passionate about and, if you know her you know what I mean when I say, she's quirky in the most productive and delightful ways. She will give 110%.