Sunday, September 25, 2011

Support Your Local Farmers and the Fair Farm Bill

The 2008 Federal Farm Bill, an important piece of legislation for small, mid-size and local farmers, is up for re-authorization by Congress in 2012. The organization Food and Water Watch is advocating for updates to this bill which would have a positive effect on farmers, the environment and consumers.

The proposed changes would create a level playing field and fair markets for all farmers by breaking up the monopolies that currently exist in the agricultural industry and creating pricing and contract policies that ensure a fair return on sales. These changes would also support environmental conservation efforts and sustainable farming practices. For the consumer, this would mean increased access to healthy food, more diverse choices and stable prices.

If you want to support a Fair Farm Bills, and all of our local farmers at the Co-Op, you can visit the Food and Water Watch website here to sign a petition to Congress that encourages the following actions:

  • Level the playing field for farmers

  • Make markets fair for farmers and consumers

  • Ensure food security by restoring the grain reserve

  • Make healthy food accessible for all people

  • Rebuild local infrastructure for regional food systems

  • Make smart government food purchases

  • Support new sustainable farming programs

  • Promote environmental stewardship

  • Require full safety reviews and labeling of GE foods

  • Stop subsidizing factory farms and dangerous technologies

Want to get more involved? On Tuesday, September 27th, Food and Water Watch is hosting a call-in day at Fulton Street Farmer's Market from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m, everyone is welcome! Individuals will be asked to contact Senator Stabenow and leave her a message requesting that she implement the Fair Farm Rules.