Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amy Neis -- Board Nominee

So, who would have thought writing a biography for the co-op would turn into such an exercise?

My first attempt came across sounding more like my college resume and although interesting in it’s own right, didn’t seem to pinpoint the information you might be looking for to let you know my qualifications for the board.

My second try was very up-lifting, I used words like “yes we can” and “a change we can believe in”, but it seemed like I had heard it before and worried you might feel that way too.

So, on my third attempt I decided the best thing would just be to tell you why..… why I feel strongly about the co-op and why that in turn would make me interested for a seat on the board.

My experience with the co-op goes back to the initial sign-up date at the Wealthy Theatre. As a family, the summer farmer’s market was already a big part of our life, so the thought of getting our food local and year round was very exciting.

After a couple of order cycles, I knew the co-op was not only something I believed in, but something I wanted to become more involved in. I wanted to help make it grow and make it better. So, as a family, we started volunteering on producer drop-off and membership pick-up times.

Soon committees formed, and again, I was interested to see where I could contribute. I signed onto the membership committee, which was/is a great experience, as it has opened up new ways to take part and contribute to the whole operation.

As I bring this to a close, I realize I have no ending for my co-op biography, because either on the board or off the board, I plan to keep adding to it. The next paragraph will be up to the voting members. I’ll look forward to seeing what I get to write next.

Amy Neis

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