Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A few new features...

Hi, everyone!

I've been introducing a few new features over the past few weeks, and I thought I'd take a moment to highlight what we're doing to try to make your shopping experience on the Co-op a nicer one.

First, there is now a "New" and "Changed" product section. When we add new producers, or when new products get added by existing producers, they will be highlighted here each month. Check them out - we might be carrying what you were looking for last month! The Changed section highlights products that have been changed - description, name, or price. So check those out too! The New and Changed sections are available from the Front Page, as well as from your menu when you log in.

Second, product information is now available at any time during the month. Though we don't publish prices in between ordering periods, we do now make the extended description and producer information available at any time. Now, you can "pre"-shop in your spare time between cycles, and new members can see what will be available when the ordering starts up. You can also add items you want into your favorites, so that come ordering time, you surf to your fav's and start loading up your basket!

Finally, and the biggie, is product pictures. Producers: this one's for you! It's now possible to add pictures of your products for all to see. You do need a Flickr.com account - that's where our pictures are hosted. This significantly reduces the storage and bandwidth requirements for the Co-op server, keeping our upkeep and maintenance, in a word, sustainable. You can get all the gory details on the wiki, and you can see an example here.

If you have a great idea for a feature you'd like to see on the site, don't hesitate to write me - paul@westmichigancoop.com.

Thanks all!

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