Monday, February 25, 2008

Aren't you glad...

... you shop at the coop?

Today I read another article regarding the biggest beef recall in history, which I blogged about previously. Fortunately, it seems that the government is taking swift action to review and tighten the regulations on factory farming. I know that the revelation of what goes on inside a factory farm, thanks to the Humane Society of the United States undercover investigation, is not an isolated event, and I can only hope for a positive outcome of all this.

We should all consider ourselves fortunate to be in West Michigan, where we can buy local meat, cheese, and eggs from humane family-run farms. So what if it costs a little more than what you could get at the grocery store? As the Humane Society asks "What's the cost of our appetite for cheap meat? If the answer is cruelty and unsafe food, it may be too much to stomach."

While I will always advocate a vegetarian lifestyle, I also believe strongly that if you eat meat, you must know where it comes from and how the animal was treated. With that in mind, the Coop will be announcing our Summer 2008 Farm Tour series shortly, where you can continue to learn about life on a real farm, tour the farm, and connect with your farmers. In the meantime, keep shopping, and stay tuned!

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