Monday, June 8, 2015

Check Out Our Newest Producers! Love's Ice Cream and Alaskan Premium Seafood

Hey CoOp Shoppers, we have some exciting new additions to our list of great local products.  Please take a look at Alaskan Premium Seafoods and Love's Ice Cream.  Here's a little info from each of them:

MO (Maura) Ennenga of Alaskan Premium Seafoods lives in Traverse City and is grateful to have this opportunity to bring high quality seafoods to the West Michigan coop members. Mo's former partner fishes on the bering sea and the boat sells to Maura their hook and line caught Pacific Cod and Halibut. The Sockeye is caught by an Alaskan Fishing Cooperative, one of her nephews fishes for the cooperative. All products are 'wild caught', and the traceablity is 100%. Maura has been listed as a Partner with Seafoods Watch, a program by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Alaskan Premium Seafoods is one of four recognized sustainable seafoods suppliers in Michigan by Seafoods Watch. She is delighted to be back at the Cooperative. A native of Eastown, She grew up going to the Eastown Cooperative (working there with her Mom), and walking weekly to the Fulton farmers market.

Chris McKellar from Love's is offering great flavors of traditional organic and sustainable ice creams, as well as vegan gelatos!

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