Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New producer: Ginger Clean

You may have seen them at pick-up last month, but new producer Ginger Clean has their products on our Web site for the first time this month. Here's more about them:

In a world where “natural” can be overused, even misleading it’s comforting to know that three women, Ginger, Carol and Tammy, bring to your family a TRULY all natural environmentally friendly line of household cleaners and laundry soap that actually works! Ginger Clean’s philosophy is to protect you and your family by using only truly natural ingredients. Our entire line of products brings peace of mind to your family, home, and the environment’s future. We truly believe in our cleaning products and trust you will too.

Ginger Clean is currently selling all-purpose spray, outdoor cleaner, powdered cleanser, soft scrub, window cleaner, and laundry detergent. Click here to read more.

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