Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Volunteers Needed for Co-Op Committees and November Pick-Up

The end of the year is closing in and if you haven't been volunteering for the West Michigan Co-op, here are some good reasons to do so:
  • The end of the year Volunteer Appreciation Party will be held in late January. All 2009 volunteers will be invited to enjoy a fabulous meal of local food and beer! :)
  • If you've volunteered 5 times or more in 2009 you will become a Voting Member in 2010.

Volunteer hours include the pick-up nights as well as participation on Committees and with Co-op events. Information on joining a Committee can be found here.

Programming/website development experience is also needed! If you have these skills and are willing to help, please let us know!

November Pick-Up

The Pick-up for this month is going to be on the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving - November 24th - 5:45-8pm. This is typically a big month for us. If you are available to help out please email Tara@westmichigancoop.com or visit our forums page .

Volunteer details are as follows:

Tuesday November 24th ~ 5:15pm-8pm (Please note, this time is the time frame for the volunteers to allow time to train and prepare for the pick-up. The actual pick-up time for members is between 5:45-8pm.)

When you email Tara, please let her know which of these options you'd most like to do:

  • Help set up - Must be available to arrive at 4:30pm
  • Adjusters (Adjust members’ invoices on-line) - Must be able to arrive by 5:15 and please plan to stay until around 8:30.
  • Cashiers - Collect and log payments
  • Greeters - Greet members and hand out invoices
  • Floaters - Assist members in collecting their orders
  • Help Direct Check-out - Assist in making sure the check-out process runs smoothly
  • Help Assist Producers - Distribute product and update invoices

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