Thursday, July 16, 2009

Highlight on the Green Food Blue Grass Festival

The Green Food Blue Grass festival is this Sunday, July 19th, from 1pm - 9pm, at the Felt Mansion in Laketown Township (near Saugatuck).
The Holland Sentinel published an article highlighting the event. There's a couple things that it doesn't mention:
  • Proceeds of the tickets go toward the Friends of Felt project, which will be establishing a sustainable farming and sustainability learning center on the grounds of the Mansion.
  • 10% of the Food Booth proceeds will go to the Mansion to cover the cost of the Festival.
  • The remaining 90% go to the food booth operators.
  • The West Michigan Co-op in conjunction with Slow Food will be serving food from Co-op farmers.
  • All food vendors at the event were encouraged to use Co-op farmers for their food. We've distributed our farmers' contact information to all the groups involved to get their buy-in.
  • Tickets are $25 per person, or a per-car $80 - if you can get more than three people in your car, that's quite a deal. Carpool!
The article also calls me (Paul DeLeeuw) out as one of the organizers of the event. I'd like to take a moment to highlight all the folks in the Co-op who've been involved in making this happen:
  • Jerry, our Director, who had the original idea for a music festival featuring local food, and has been organizing the food booth in conjunction with Amy Sherman.
  • Tara, our Volunteer Coordinator, who (as always) has been doing a wonderful job rounding up volunteers and assisting in planning the event details.
  • Our wonderful farmers, providing food for our booth.
  • Our core volunteers: (in no particular order) Diane Graves, Scott Steiner, Lisa Nelson (who is at everything!), Andrea Veldman, and Amy Neis and the Neis Family (boy, that sounds like a traveling family band!).
Thank you all so much - the Co-op couldn't do things like this without you.
I hope to see you all out there! And, if you're not familiar with the Mansion Park and Grounds - it's only a half-mile walk to the beach of Lake Michigan. If you want to take a break from the Festival, you're free to walk the trails and relax on the beach!
For more information, and to buy tickets online, see

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