Thursday, August 7, 2008

Become a voting member!

I wanted to make everyone aware that there are 2 ways to become a voting member.

Voting Members have a voice in the Co-op by having a vote at the Annual Meetings and Special Membership Meetings called during the year. They are also eligible for a seat on the Board of Directors, when there is a vacancy. If you are interested in becoming involved with the Co-op as a Voting Member please consider one of the two avenues below:

1.) Users of the West Michigan Cooperative may pay $100 to the Co-op to become a lifetime Voting Member of the Co-op. This is in addition to the $35 annual user fee, which must be maintained to remain a lifetime Voting Member.

2.) Users who volunteer five or more times in a calendar year, ending December 31st, will become a Voting Member for the following calendar year. You must volunteer five times every year to maintain a Voting Member status. Every January 1st the volunteer numbers will reset to zero.

This, and all our policies are on the Wiki

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