Monday, March 26, 2007

March Run Success!

Hello, all!

Well, I've tried to get my cohorts to post on here as much as possible, and still, I blog alone. *Sigh.*

But all is well; this month your participation rocketed us to a new record: over $3600. Very well done, and we thank you all.

I wanted to take a moment to tell everybody that I have heard your suggestions, and I've been slowly trying to implement a few:

- Favorites
Favorites have been implemented. Hopefully, you noticed, and marked a few products that you enjoy. Next month, when shopping begins, you'll be able to go into your favorites, and click one button to add all the products available in your favs to your basket. One-click shopping. Then, just go to your basket and update quantities. If you do nothing else on the site for the rest of the week, at least you can get your favorite items every month, easy as pie.

- Invoice/Basket Printing
You've always been able to print your basket & invoice, but today I did a significant amount of work on the appearance of the invoices. This was a request from a producer, so I took some time and fixed some printing issues all around the site.
I also hope to add the ability to view past invoices soon. We do keep that information for record keeping, but it's currently just buried in the database, with no fleshed-out way to view it. I hear you and it's coming ASAP.

- Weight clarifications
During this lull, I hope to work on the view of the products. We do track information on weights, and I hope to make that info available to the membership, so that as you shop, you'll be able to better understand what size your items will be. I want to implement a weight-request slider as well, so you'll be able to ask the producer for a certain weight of item (when it makes sense to have that available).

I'm happy to announce that I now have a few database-savvy volunteers who are going to become the "tech team" here at the Coop. This should help me get these features onto the site as soon as possible!

I thank you all again, and I'll try to get on here and post more often. Stay tuned, and we'll see you soon.


mudlake said...

I'm so glad this co-op is working so well! What a great thing! I've been enjoying buying as well as selling and my kids are telling me to buy more next month. They've decided they really like Wells Orchard's Bosc pears.

Kudos to Paul, Gail, and Tom for all the work they've put into this so far! Great job!

gail said...

Let me weigh in here, as one of Paul's blog-challenged co-horts....Paul's done a Herculean job building this website and the co-op wouldn't exist if he hadn't stepped up to the plate perhaps naively :-) and offered to tackle this project. Thanks, Paul!

And is it just me or is Pick Up Day a little like Christmas morning for anyone else out there? I forget what I've ordered and then I get this box of local, wonderful goodies. It's great fun!

lucyl said...

The frozen fruit and green beans I got were wonderful. The hothouse lettuce tasted like July from the Farmer's Market. The meat from Heritage Farm made the best tacos. I always say I get tired of Grand Rapids this time of year and then the Farmer's Market opens and I want to stay. Thank you for giving me a reason to want to stay in this town all year long. We are so lucky to have dedicated farmers and willing coordinators for this coop. Good work everyone!